Name the Reindeer Contest Winner


Well, we have a winner!  As voted by our employees, the winning name for our Name the Reindeer Contest is “Bambilance”.  Congratulations to our winner, which was an Air Ambulance service based out of Georgia.

We had some interesting entries, from Randy the Resusci Reindeer; to Rhinophyma, the Red Nosed Reindeer; to Airhorn.  We thank everyone that participated in our Name the Reindeer Contest, and look forward to another interesting naming event during the next holiday season.

By the way, we shipped Bambilance safely out to the winner today. He opted for a free ride via FedEx vs. flying, and rumor has it he will arrive to the winner before Christmas Eve.

Here’s to a Happy Holiday Season to all of you from all of us at EMP.