Name the Bear Contest Winner


The winner of our Name the Bear Contest was Bernard, a fireman based out of the University of Massachusetts Memorial Hospital.  Bernard’s entry of Am-Bear-Lance was voted the top choice by the Emergency Medical Products’ employees.

Bernard shared a touching story with the EMP group relative to the naming of the bear, and we thank Bernard for his story.  Congratulations Bernard, your 5’ stuffed bear has shipped, and is on its way to you.  It should be arriving at your doorstep on Christmas Eve!

After we launched the contest, we also stumbled upon a baby bear that looked very similar to the large stuffed bear we had sitting in our lobby.  A picture of baby bear is shown below.  In the spirit of the holiday season, we decided at the last minute to donate baby bear.  We donated him to a local shelter for homeless and abused children, and hopefully he will bring a smile and soft hug to someone in need.

So, now you know the story of the bears and EMP.  We hope it made someone’s holiday season a little brighter.

On behalf of the employees at Emergency Medical Products, we wish you all safe and happy holidays and a Bear-y Christmas!