We’ve all seen the Wizard of Oz version of Monopoly but get ready to preorder your EMS edition of Monopoly, presented by JEMS.

That’s right, as you round the board of the special Emergency Medical Services edition of Monopoly, you’ll need to put your skills and protocol knowledge to the test. Outwit your fellow EMTs, medics and first responders as you try to take command of all the EMS stations and hospitals you can afford. Save lives, stave off tragedies and earn your place as the “Top Responder.”

Move your ambulance cot (game piece) down Hemorrhage Highway. Head for Intubation Intersection. Win big for recognizing early symptoms of a stroke. Did you falsify your credentials and get your license revoked when you picked up a Trauma or Vitals card? Oops, off to jail you go! Keep in mind, jail in the EMS Edition of Monopoly is equivalent to cleaning the rig after a big call. The AED is charged up, are you?

You can purchase EMS Monopoly, here!