Kiwanis Donation Helps Save Young Boy’s Life


A few minutes can seem like forever when you’re waiting for firefighters and paramedics to arrive. Paul Winterscheidt, a former paramedic, and father to two-year-old son, Elliot, found those few minutes to be the longest of his life.

Elliot had snatched a grape from the table and was choking on it. Winterscheidt tried to clear his son’s airway using the Heimlich maneuver, but Elliot eventually passed out.

As stressful as a pediatric call is, Superior firefighter Jeremiah Glonek knew exactly what to reach for to help young Elliot, the pediatric jump bag. The pediatric jump bag contains all child-sized items, sorted into color-coded bags, labeled by age, and ready for use. With this equipment bag Glonek was quickly able to fit a non-rebreather mask over Elliot’s face.

While being rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital, the grape was finally dislodged. Elliot was soon transferred from St. Luke’s to the pediatric ICU at St. Mary’s Hospital and was released the next day. Thankfully Elliot had no injuries and no aftereffects.

How did the Superior Fire Department obtain these special equipment bags? The Superior Kiwanis Club donated $1300.00 worth of pediatric jump bags and equipment not only to the Superior Fire Department, but rescue units in Gordon, Wascott, and Hawthorne.

The pediatric jump bags were created specially by Emergency Medical Products, Inc.