Introducing the NEW Curaplex Extrication Collar


If you’re looking for a low cost alternative to your current adjustable c-collar check out the new Curaplex Extrication Collar.  This single-use collar provides a low cost solution to neck immobilization.

The Curaplex comes equipped with an automatic flip up chin and two locking buttons.  Even better, this disposable collar can be placed on the patient using only three simple steps: sizing – locking – placement.

The Curaplex is available in both adult and mini sizes with a combined total of 14 different adjustable settings.  The design of the collar allows for adjustments to be made both on and off the patient as well as having cannula hooks for securing oxygen tubing.

The Curaplex easily stores flat, features hook ribs for ease of use and is CT and MRI compatible.  What more could you ask for?