How EMP is Handling the Global Shipping Crisis


You’ve probably heard in the news that shipping delays across the globe have disrupted the global economy. Numerous challenges -– from congestion at ports to shortages of shipping containers -– have arisen during the coronavirus pandemic, leading to higher costs and significant delays. 

These shipping delays continue to present a challenge to our supply chain. However, we remain dedicated to providing necessary medical supplies to those who save and improve patients’ lives. 

Sea/Air/Land Delays

EMP’s vendors are experiencing unprecedented delays in getting manufactured goods shipped from overseas. The increased volume of goods across all sectors is creating strains on shipping capacity by sea, air and land. Space on container ships, air freight and trucking lines have become constrained due to volume increases. And even when vendors are able to secure containers, ships have been waiting days and weeks offshore to dock, due to lack of port space and workers.

Shipping Cost Increases

Persistent supply-chain bottlenecks are driving up rates and the shipping sector sees no relief on the horizon before 2022. Prices to ship containers from Asia to the U.S. are rising at a historic pace and are expected to remain tight for the rest of the year. The average price world-wide to ship a 40-foot container has more than quadrupled from a year ago. The high rates leave many shippers facing the choice of passing the costs on to their customers. 

EMP’s Response

While every distributor is faced with these same unstable circumstances, EMP has taken important measures to help minimize delays and control costs on many of the everyday medical supplies you order from us: 

  • Increased Stock Levels – EMP has worked with key vendors to increase on-hand inventory levels on many medical supplies you order, including critical PPE items. Our sophisticated inventory management system helps forecast specific customer needs to ensure we have inventory on hand to serve you. 
  • Favorable Pricing – EMP has negotiated with several vendors to forego passing on shipping price increases. While we cannot guarantee this will always be the case, EMP has been able to leverage its reputation as a major distributor to obtain the most favorable pricing for you.
  • Cost-Effective Alternatives – EMP continues to expand its Curaplex brand to help you stretch your budget by offering you the same high-quality products you are used to at an affordable price. We can provide you with a list of Curaplex items that are available to meet your needs. Just call 800.558.6270 or email

Keeping You Informed

As we did throughout the pandemic, we pledge to keep you informed of anything that could impact our ability to deliver the supplies you need, when you need them. We encourage you to visit and log onto our website frequently, as it is a great source of information on product availability and your order status. 

Due to global supply chain and shipping issues, customers may experience a delay in receiving their shipments. In the unfortunate event that your shipment is delayed, we sincerely apologize, and we appreciate your patience.  

And, as always, if you have questions, please contact our Customer Service team at (800).558.6270, or  

Thank you for allowing us to be your trusted partner.

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