Head Lice vs. Super Lice


What are Head Lice?

Head lice, or pediculosis, are tiny insects that crawl from head to head, latch onto hair follicles, and then feed on tiny droplets of blood. Sounds gross, right?

School nurses, teachers and parents know these little pests are no strangers to daycare centers and elementary schools. When children are in close quarters it makes it easy for these sesame seed-sized-insects to spread. While adults aren’t exempt from these annoying little critters, the itchy condition is most common in school kids, particularly girls (because they have longer hair.)

What are Super Lice?

Super lice are the same as head lice except they are believed to have become resistant to over-the-counter lice treatments and medications. Since 2000, scientists have studied the prevalence of chemical resistant lice in the US. These researchers have been warning the public that head lice, not only in the United States, but around the world are developing immunity to the strong insecticides used in over-the-counter and prescription shampoos.

How to Beat Super Lice?

Traditional Methods

Shirley C. Gordon, an associate professor at Florida Atlantic University who studies persistent head lice, notes it takes only three to five years for the bugs to adapt to a new product. However, manufacturers of these over-the-counter products beg to differ and health officials continue to recommend products such as Nix and RID. Health officials agree that the permethrin in Nix and the pyrethrin in RID may not work on everyone, but it still works on most people.

You can also remove lice the “hard-way” with a fine-toothed nit comb. Or if you follow the urban legend, you can coat your hair in mayonnaise – but if you go that route, Healthline suggests you opt for olive oil since it’s easier to remove from hair than mayonnaise.

Convenient Methods

There are many new products that you may or may not have heard of such as Lice B Gone, which is a non-toxic shampoo, or Accu-Life Lice Cure, which is a lice and egg removal system.

Lice B Gone

Lice B Gone is multi-enzyme-based shampoo treatment made from natural vegetable extracts. It is easy-to-use; you simply spray onto dry hair until completely saturated, leave on for at least 30 minutes and then you can comb out the lice/nits and rinse.

ACU-LIFE Lice and Egg Removal Cure Kit

The ACU-LIFE Lice and Egg Removal Cure Kit contains safe, all-natural ingredients derived from the Australian Tea Tree. After coating the hair in the Tea Tree oil-based formula, use a metal lice comb to remove the lice/nits.

Fight Lice

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P.S. For a light-hearted book to read to your students or children, check out Yikes-Lice! by Donna Caffey.

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