Have You Heard About MyClyns? Take A Minute To Read And Watch.


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MyClyns is the only ready to use non-alcohol, first response spray providing immediate personal protection against a potentially harmful exposure that is safe to use on your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. All this and it has a convenient pen-like design that makes it super easy to carry.

Check out these comments courtesy of MyClyns.com:

“Upon completion of the call my partner and I had an opportunity to use “MyClyns” personal protection spray to provide exposure protection. It was an easy and fast product to use. The best part was that it was right there in my pocket.

Thank you for providing us with additional personal security.”

Scott Waddell
Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Assoc.

“Mr. Buckler, I applied the MyClyns spray on a deputy’s hands after an incident that occurred in a cell between two inmates. One of the inmates had received a laceration on his chin and some of the blood from that laceration got on one of the deputy’s hands. I then took the MyClyns spray from a Sergeant and applied it to the deputy’s hands. After I applied the MyClyns spray to his hands he rubbed the solution over the exposed areas.

Having the MyClyns spray readily on hand is a great idea. Having that availability to this spray really makes the deputies feel more comfortable about being in a situation where there could be a chance of being in contact with blood born pathogens.”

Cambell County Detention Center

“We recently purchased MyClyns for all our first responder and ambulance personnel. Just one week after we had distributed MyClyns, we received a call from the local Police Department for a Police Officer that had been spit in the eyes by a person being detained. Our Firefighter/Paramedic used MyClyns on the officer and now the police department is interested in obtaining it.

Several days later we had another exposure to a crew member from a glucose monitoring lancet. Again a Firefighter/Paramedic immediately applied the MyClyns solution. In addition to providing the extra level of protection, having MyClyns available definitely helped reduce the anxiety in both the Police Officer and our Firefighter; while the source patients were being tested for blood borne pathogens. Fortunately the tests were negative.

MyClyns is now standard equipment for us as part of our infection control plan.”

Capt. Andy Swartzell, RN
EMS Quality Improvement Coordinator/Infection Control Officer
San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District

“Everyone was very happy about the product, I let a few try the sample you left and they were amazed that the product did not burn in any way. Several of the Deputies also are carrying MyClyns. Thankfully, no one has had to use it so far but they feel better just having it available. I have told several colleagues about it.”

Allen Kay, RN
DeKalb County Corrections

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