Halloween Safety Tricks ‘n Tips


The awesome colored leaves in your neighborhood have probably dried out by now and are begging to be stomped on making that great crunching noise. You know what that means – no, not just the end of October – Halloween! Who doesn’t dig dressing up and getting candy? Whether you’re a skeleton, witch or this year’s “it” character have fun and stay safe. Here are some tricks ‘n tips for both the young and the young at heart:

Tricks ‘n Tips For Young People

  • Plan a route; share the plan with an adult, stick to it
  • Know your phone number, address and when to call 911
  • Learn or review CPR skills in case someone is choking
  • Stay on the sidewalk or left side of the road if they’re no sidewalks
  • Left, right, left – then cross the street at the proper crosswalks
  • Don’t wear accessories that will cover your eyes or cause you to possibly trip and fall
  • Keep away from open fires and candles, costumes can be very flammable – if something should happen: STOP, DROP and ROLL
  • Carry a flashlight or lightstick and wear light-colored or reflective clothing
  • If the light’s not on go on to the next house
  • Never go into a stranger’s house or apartment
  • Be aware of who and what’s around you, including animals
  • Be polite and remember to say “thank you”
  • Have a trusted adult inspect your goodies before you dig in
  • Tricks ‘n Tips For the Young at Heart

  • See Tricks ‘n Tips For Young People
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Wishing all a safe and spooky Halloween!

    Sources: American Red Cross and Los Angeles Fire Department