Gloves and the US Economy


It’s no secret that the US Economy has seen better days. The cost of energy and oil are always going up. Manufacturers are being forced to raise prices that in turn trickle down to you, the consumer. Unfortunately, medical gloves are not exempt from this.

Other vendors have already announced price increases on latex gloves and latex free gloves. Some of these other vendor’s price increases have already gone into effect. Emergency Medical Products will eventually have to raise their prices as well, however not until later this fall. Emergency Medical Products is always working hard to get you the best prices.

Rest assured you can buy all your medical equipment at great prices with Emergency Medical Products. Whether you’re looking for nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, surgical gloves, or the all new and cool black gloves Emergency Medical Products has them in stock and ready to ship FREE to you at the same great prices.

Check out this classy video on how wearing black gloves benefited one young man. Don’t forget to take this week’s democracy poll on none other than the tough and true black gloves.

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