EMS Levy Not Making the November Ballot In Washington


Yakima City Council, in Washington, hosted a public hearing last night to vote on whether an increase in the current EMS levy should be put on November’s ballot. If the proposed increase of $3.43 per month for the average home-owner passes in November the city would have $1,300,000 more to spend on emergency medical services. Included in these services are new equipment, enabling firefighters to responder faster, as well as putting a paramedic on each fire truck, and adding another dispatcher.

Deputy Fire Marshall Ron Melcher commented, “This would increase the survivability for anyone cause now you’ve got a paramedics and now advanced skills can be performed on you sooner.”

While one would hope this vote passed favorably with flying colors it unfortunately did not. While many community members gladly supported the proposal the business community had a number of questions and didn’t want to rush into something so permanent.

How do you think your community would vote if this was proposed in your city? When a victim’s life is at risk and the paramedics have not made the scene yet what does your fire department do? Take this week’s poll and share your thoughts on the issue.

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