EMP Announces Addition of Guardian Angel® Personal Safety Device


Emergency Medical Products Announces Addition of Guardian Angel® Personal Safety Device – Innovative Visibility Designed For Emergency Personnel

Guardian Angel is the first of its kind for the emergency response industry

Guardian-Angel-Fire-EMS-Magnet-MountCudahy, WI – August 18, 2014Emergency Medical Products (EMP), a leading distributor of emergency medical equipment and supplies, announced the addition of the Guardian Angel Personal Safety Device to its growing line of medical supplies and equipment.

Guardian Angel is a wearable (approximately 6 oz.) lighted device, designed to provide immediate visibility and recognition for emergency responders of all kinds.  The Guardian Angel provides visibility from more than 2 miles away, and from nearly a 360 degree radius around the wearer.  Designed initially for law enforcement, the device has broad application for use in EMS, Fire, Personal, Public and Workplace Safety, as well as many more.

“We created The Guardian Angel to provide EMS personnel with additional back-up in the field through enhanced visibility,” said Juan Gomez, president and co-founder of 425, Inc.  “We look forward to partnering with Emergency Medical Products as they deliver products and services which support EMS professionals across the country.”

“We are extremely pleased to partner with 425, Inc. and offer our customers a first of its kind device, leading the way for personal emergency visibility,” said Kim Alexander, Strategic Marketing Manager for Emergency Medical Products.  “We are also excited to include the Guardian Angel in our online loyalty rewards program, which allows our customers to earn and redeem points with online purchases.  We see the Guardian Angel line as a great complement to our existing offerings.”

Guardian Angel is equipped with the latest LED technology, and is equipped with the following features and benefits for users:

  • The latest in lighting technology and versatility, including forward-facing lights only, rear-facing lights only, 360 degree illumination and a utility work light.
  • Many color combinations are available (red, white, blue, orange, yellow and green).
  • Rechargeable battery, allowing for more than 90 hours of continuous use.
  • Durable – drop tested, as well as water, heat and cold resistant.
  • Various mounting options are available – plain clothes (magnet), vehicle (suction cup) and duty belt mount

425, Inc., a veteran owned and WI based company, represents the second WI based company Emergency Medical Products has partnered with in the last two months on innovative products.  Last month Emergency Medical Products partnered with CPR RsQ Assist, a WI based company with a FDA approved hands only CPR device.  Visit our product page to learn more about the Guardian Angel.

About Emergency Medical Products
With over 40 years of experience, Emergency Medical Products (EMP) is a leading distributor of emergency medical equipment and supplies for EMS professionals in the pre-hospital marketplace.  Based in WI, the company supports customers in EMS agencies, fire departments, hospitals, educational institutions and public safety with thousands of quality products from leading manufacturers.  The company has a strong online presence that also supports business and individual purchases.  For more information, please visit www.buyemp.com.