EMP Adds Thermal Angel® Blood & IV Fluid Infusion Warmers to Product Line


Emergency Medical Products (EMP) recently added the Thermal Angel Blood and IV Fluid Infusion Warmers to its growing line of medical supplies and equipment.  The Thermal Angel was designed to require minimal training and can be used in a variety of environments including EMS, Flight Service, and Hospitals.  Some of the features and benefits of the Thermal Angel include:

  • Quick setup – within 30 seconds
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Disposable (single patient use) with no cleaning required
  • Standard luer settings that will accept all standard IV line sets
  • Meets American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) Standards

The Thermal Angel begins warming within seconds and can help proactively prevent hypothermia in the field before evacuation.  EMP is currently carrying the standard and ultra emergency packs, in addition to a disposable emergency pack reload kit.

Contact EMP today to learn more about the Thermal Angel, an innovative technology that is leading the way with significant advantages over other types of blood warming products.