Celox for Veterinarians


Did you know Celox is available for veterinary applications?  Georgie Hollis BSc, an Independent Veterinary Woundcare Specialist, feels there’s a huge comfort in having a packet of Celox handy if you’re a veterinarian or horse owner.

Celox is an extremely effective, safe and easy to use hemostat that you can rely on to stop bleeding fast.  When Celox mixes with blood it forms a gel-like clot in just 30 seconds, independent of the body’s normal clotting processes.  It’s made from highly purified chitosan, Celox is safe and any chitosan residuals are naturally metabolized.  It’s also non-exothermic so it will not burn the patient or caregiver.

Celox is widely used in the military and emergency services fields.  Now that it’s good to go for our animal friends it would make a great addition to a pet first aid kit.

Source: celoxmedical.com