Battalion.TV Features Milwaukee Fire Department


Hello Wisconsin! Of all the Midwest destinations The Battalion.TV hit up Milwaukee Fire and EMS to film our finest in a number of series entitled but what else? 24 Hours with the Milwaukee Fire and EMS.

If you didn’t know about it or haven’t had a chance to check it out you really should. It’s kind of like COPS but with Fire and EMS personnel on the scene and saving lives. Some of the scenes can be graphic and sometimes strong language is used but it’s really interesting to see first and foremost what these men and women are up against. Aside from the up close and personal footage you also get to hear personal interviews with the Milwaukee Fire and EMS.

Whether you’re a Wisconsin native or not check TheBattalion.TV out. Milwaukee is the main feature right now but there are plenty of other webisodes from the east and west coasts, the south, wildland fires and more.