A Classic Is Still a Classic


Ann Landers may have passed on but her advice column still hits home. Compliments of Creators.com check out this letter that was written to Ann from an EMT in Memphis, TN.

Dear Ann Landers: I am tired of people who refer to emergency medical technicians and paramedics as “ambulance drivers.” There is a great deal of education involved in being an EMT or a paramedic, from initial training courses to continuing education classes.

We do not go to school and attend seminars to be “drivers.” We spend long hours studying so that we can provide the best possible emergency care to the people in our communities. When we are called to accident scenes, we use our knowledge to save lives.

Ann, I love my job, but it is frustrating to walk into a home and hear someone say, “The ambulance drivers are here.” Please make it clear to your readers that we don’t just drive the ambulances; we save lives. — An EMT in Memphis, Tenn.

Dear EMT: You made it clear. I’m pleased to remind people of the splendid work done by paramedics and emergency medical technicians. Thank you for the opportunity to give them the praise they deserve.