6 Must-Have Items for Your Emergency Rescue Equipment List 


Typically, when you think “emergency rescue”, first responders like firefighters, police and EMS professionals are who come to mind. While yes, it’s true that search and rescue is part of their jobs, anyone can be involved in an emergency situation where someone needs rescued or helped. For example, if you are in a car accident you may need to get yourself and others to safety; or, if you witness a sports accident or child injury at the park, you may need to offer first aid.  

Whether it’s for your career or not, rescue preparedness is good to know. We’ve put together a list of recommended items to have on hand for both the rookie rescuers and the professionals.    

For the Non-Medical Professional:

Think of Emergency Rescue Equipment as equipment that has the sole purpose of treating or preventing injury. Regardless of the environment or location, here are 6 must-have items:

1. First Aid Kit

2. Knife/Scissors 

3. Flashlight

4. Blanket

5. Gloves

6. Splint

For the Medical Professional:

To be prepared for a wide range of calls and emergencies, first responders must have a variety of supplies in a variety of sizes to best do their jobs. Don’t forget these items: 

1. PPE

2. Backboard/stretcher

3. Splint

4. Cervical Collar

5. Trauma Tourniquet

6. First Aid Supplies

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Though they didn’t make our list of top 6 products to have on hand, here are some of our other favorite rescue essentials: 

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