5 Must-Have Accessories to Accompany Your AED


Regardless of the nature of your business, it’s important to consider stocking up on AED accessories. Accessories can help with accessing and better understanding your AED.

Take a look at these optional accessories you can purchase for your AED. 

Most businesses need a safe place to store their AED. Consider that you will likely have your AED for years to come, so finding it a secure, yet visible, home is crucial. There are many different wall-mountable storage options available, such as brackets, cabinets and holders. Some cabinets have door-activated alarms and strobe lights to notify the public that the AED has been seized for rescue. Note that some cabinets are designed to fit a specific type of AED, and are not compatible with all AED models. Click here to explore cabinets. 

Carry Cases
Maybe your business requires an AED that can be easily transported. Carry cases are suitable for those who need to be prepared for on-the-go situations, and can even store additional items, like extra pads or personal belongings. Choose from rigid cases, hard cases, backpacks and more. Note that some cases are designed to fit a specific type of AED, and are not compatible with all AED models. Click here to explore carry cases.

Since not all customers will be familiar with the interior of your business, wall signs can serve as an eye-catching visual. These signs help guide those who may be on the search, and quickly lead them to the AED’s central location. With just a few screws, the signs can be easily mounted to the wall. If you’re looking for a more temporary method, there are also window decals and stickers available. To check out wall signs, click here

Response Kits
Response Kits help your business stay extra-prepared. These hold important items that wouldn’t normally cross your mind until you’re faced with a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. For example: what would you use to shave the victim’s hair before securing the pads to their chest? What would you do if the victim was wearing multiple clothing layers that would take time to pull off? Because these kits contain items like prep razors, gloves, shears and towels, you wouldn’t have to think twice. Click here to explore response kits. 

Training Devices & Materials
After completing this eBook, you still may have reservations about owning an AED. Training devices and materials can be valuable resources to help empower you and your employees. Service packages provide support from industry professionals, who help ensure your AED is ready for use. There are also toolkits that hold CDs and DVDs, which are geared toward specific types of AEDs, to walk you through every step. Check out our wide variety of training devices and materials here

We hope this article provided some guidance in helping you choose the right AED accessories for your business/organization. However, if you need additional information, let us help! Download our FREE eBook below to learn about specific AED types, features, accessories and more.

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