5 Hurricane Safety Tips


Sometimes Mother Nature likes to show us who’s boss.

The Atlantic hurricane season occurs from June 1 to November 1 with September being the most active hurricane month. While it’s “cute” to see which names they pick for each hurricane, we must consider the threat that each hurricane poses.

Before each hurricane season, we hope for the best—but it’s important to prepare for the worst. And remember, listen to officials. If requested to evacuate by the authorities, do it!

How to Prepare

Here are 5 hurricane safety tips to help you prepare in the event of a hurricane:

  1. Watch the weather—the most dangerous storm is the one that’s unexpected. If you’re tracking the weather, you’ll know when and where (or where not) to go.
    1. Here’s a roundup of 2021’s best hurricane-tracker apps
  1. Make a family plan—a simple, thought out plan will help keep your family organized.
    1. Questions to consider: What is our escape route? Where is the meeting place?
    2. This plan should incorporate nearby families and friends too
  1. Shield your windows—whether you choose to stay or leave your home you need to barricade your windows.
    1. Take advantage of “hurricane shutters” or make your own out of plywood
    2. Side note: Anything that is not tied down should be brought inside (furniture, decorations, garbage cans)
  1. Stock up—should you become trapped or stranded, you’ll want to have the necessities handy.
    1. The National Hurricane Center has a suggested list of supplies which includes a first aid kit, flashlight, non-perishable food, water and comfort items to pass the time
  1. After it’s over, be careful—just because a hurricane moves on, doesn’t mean all is safe and sound.
    1. Address environmental hazards, physical or emotional trauma

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Be safe out there!

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