VeroNobis Oral Retractor


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The VeroNobis Oral Retractor is a totally new disposable instrument offering many unique applications for daily use in the hospital, physician offices, ER, and EMT/EMS fields.

The VeroNobis Oral Retractor was designed to conform to the tongues natural surface. This unique design has the added benefit of a "minimal gag reflex" allowing patients and clinicians to relax. The natural shape and retraction ridges offer superior retraction when and where needed. The tongue will naturally relax when retracted offering patient comfort and optimized field of utility.

In the field, when time and skill are essential, the VeroNobis Oral Retractor enhances efficiency by enabling the clinician to perform a rapid assessment and intervention. The benefits of quickly accessing, visualizing and treating acute airway problems cannot be overstated. The VeroNobis Oral Retractor is the tool providers can rely on.

  • Minimal gag reflex due to its unique design conforming to the tongues natural shape
  • Excellent instrument in the ER or for EMTs while examining for airway obstruction
  • Increased exposure and retraction for intra-oral procedures and examination
  • Enhanced tongue retraction in multiple directions
  • The ability to grip the tongue more effectively
  • Superior exposure of the posterior oral cavity and buccal surfaces
  • Offers protection of the tongue, floor of mouth and buccal areas during procedures
  • Excellent instrument for intra-oral bacterial cultures, buccal cell scrapings
  • Great for intra-oral cancer screening

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