Simulaids Smart Stat with IPad and SIM Vital, Amputated Leg/IO Leg


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SMART STAT offers practitioners at all levels of health care the opportunity for education, evaluation, and teamwork skills development and testing. This wireless, tetherless 75-lb. (34 kg) adult trainer operates through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technology. Programming skills are not necessary. Simple control screens make this an intuitive tool for educators, who can operate SMART STAT in less than five minutes. SMART STAT’s rugged construction stands up to military use at home and abroad, and the simple replacement parts assure economical use and dependability.

Portable and economic operations are the words that best describe the SMART STAT. Serving multiple locations is now possible, and the manikin offers the advantage of significant cost control for tight budgets. Training documentation appears in the Recordings screen and substantiates student performance. Utilizing the Recordings feature minimizes organizational liability by establishing training and performance history. The recordings are in PDF format and are transferred to your PC through the iTunes Store®.

Easy-to-find student lists for use during session recordings are available with just a tap on the iPad®*, or create a new student list and select a student name on your iPad®* to start a session recording. After your sessions, tap the PDF button and your records are available from the iTunes Store® to transfer to your PC for printing, editing, and archiving. Building custom scenarios is as easy as the universal tapselect-tap system associated with the features. Using skills you select for a particular scenario, track student behavior associated with patient assessment and treatment  modalities. Document student performance using simple checklists for skills performed or “medications” administered. These selections coincide with the chronological list of events happening during the session and/or the scenario running at that time.

Your experience with the iPad®* while operating the manikin builds the knowledge base necessary for using the available scenario building selections. Simply establish a time line and tap the choices you want the SMART STAT to emulate. Once your scenario is built and you tap Done, it is immediately available for use during student sessions.

A select number of Simulaids’ distributors are qualified to demonstrate this advanced patient simulator. The limited product warranty covers one year, and an extended warranty program is available for two years of additional coverage.

  • Comes with Sim Vitals 5-Line Hospital Monitor (No.
  • 410Wi-Fi)
  • Amputated Bleeding Leg (No. 408)
  • I/O Leg (No. 409)
  • Ships in four boxes
  • Shipping  Weight 174 lbs.

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