Covidien Smart OmniLine™ Plus with O2 Tubing - Adult


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Omnistream sampling lines provide improved CO2 sampling because of the patented Oridion Uni-Junction™. The Uni-Junction™ offers greater accuracy because it allows both oral and nasal sampling.

Onmistream is compatible with most types of (non-Microstream) sidestream CO2 monitors and is easy to identify by its standard blue connector.

  • Uni-junction allows for superior EtCO2 sampling when patients alternate between oral and nasal breathing
  • Improved sampling accuracy can mean a reduction in false "no breath" alarms
  • Increased surface area of oral prong provides effective breath capture even in the presence of shallow breathing
  • Unique oxygen delivery provides greater comfort for patient during oxygen administration, without dilution of CO2 sample
  • Non-intubated patients
  • Oral/nasal
  • O2 tubing (8.37 feet)
  • Compatible in the MRI environment
  • Single patient use
  • Latex free

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Oridion Smart OmniLine (blue top)

1 1.0 out of 5 stars. June 4, 2016

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This was a very disappointing product. Thinking we'd found an incredible product and a remarkable price, we bought a few to try out on our ambulances. The blue connector, while it fit into the receptacle on our LifePak monitors, would NOT register. We tried the product on several different machines, LifePak 12 and LifePak 15, just to be sure there wasn't something odd with our gear and got the same result. The only difference we can see between this product and Smart OmniLine products that actually WORK (orange and yellow tipped) is that the end of the connector device has a metal ring on the devices that work ... the blue-tipped device does NOT have a metal ring. Shame on those who are selling a product designed to capture capnography data which does NOT work as advertised.

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Editorial Comment: We apologize for the confusion. As you stated, there is little difference between these items, and without a product number to reference, it is sometimes difficult to confirm which item is the correct one for a particular use. We are working to better detail this item category online to avoid this situation in the future.