IMS Lidocaine HCI Jelly, USP, 2% Sterile Pak, 100 mg, Uro-Jet® Prefilled Syringe


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This item requires a Prescription Drug Authorization Form.
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This item requires a Prescription Drug Authorization Form.
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IMS Lidocaine Hydrochloride Jelly, USP, 2% Sterile Pak, 100 mg (20 mg/mL) comes in a prefilled disposable syringe and features the Uro-Jet® Delivery System.

  • Dual lubricant/anesthetic action
  • Conical, rounded syringe tip conforms closely to urogenital tissue anatomy
  • Sterile packaging eliminates need for pre-sterilization of syringe or tip
  • Contains no preservatives

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  • Delivery System: Uro-Jet®
  • Unit Size: 5 mL
  • NDC Number: 0548-3012-00
  • NDC Number (as of April 2012): 76329-3012-5

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