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The Flexicare BritePro Solo is the only complete laryngoscope solution that combines a disposable handle, lightsource and blade in a single sterile pack.

The BritePro Solo is a complete single-use fiber optic laryngoscope solution comprised of an advanced LED handle and a fully metal blade. This unique product is just as it should be: combining the best qualities of reusable laryngoscopes along with all of the benefits of a completely single-use solution.

Ultra Low Profile Blade

  • Flexicare’s Ultra Low Profile Macintosh blade design reduces risk of dental damage, and improves visualization of the vocal cords, even during a difficult intubation.

Quality Feel without Compromise

  • With 100% metal blades and a strong metal-to-metal connection between blade and handle, you can be confident that your tools will perform as well as you do.

No Risk of Cross-Contamination

  • 100% sterile and packaged individually with the option to test “in-pack” without compromising sterility, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

Saving Life Economically

  • BritePro Solo is more economical than reprocessing reusable laryngoscopes and provides better patient care as compared to reusables.

Comfortable & Ergonomic

  • Overmoulded soft grip for superior control in all clinical settings. Unlike oversized standard handles that are built to accommodate the batteries, BritePro Solo is the only handle your hospital needs.

Excellent Tissue Visualization from Advanced LED Light

  • BritePro Solo’s high output LED light is new every time, providing consistent focused light intensity without compromise.

Mini Handle Option

  • Suitable for neonates and small infants, the lightweight BritePro Solo Mini handle provides excellent tactile feedback to the user.

What type of light is BritePro Solo?

  • BritePro Solo has an advanced LED light that matches the natural color spectrum of the sun, providing better tissue visualization and differentiation. One way to test this is to shine a light from a halogen or incandescent bulb laryngoscope under sunlight or fluorescent light. The light will show a yellowish tinge. When shining BritePro Solo under these conditions, the natural spectrum of light will match the light of BritePro Solo and the light will be ‘washed-out’ in the sunlight. However, when repeating this exercise in a dark area (imitating the airway of a patient) you will notice BritePro Solo has a whiter, brighter, and very focused light as compared to previous technologies.

How long do the batteries last for BritePro Solo?

  • BritePro Solo batteries provide over 1 hour of continuous light that can be turned on and off by engaging and disengaging the blade. Even in the most challenging cases you will have ample battery life and illumination to intubate your patient.

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    Flexicare BritePro Solo Handle
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    Flexicare BritePro Solo Handle
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    Flexicare BritePro Solo Handle