Demerol (Meperidine) 50mg 1mL Ampule- DEA Class II

0409-1253-01 - DEMEROL 50MG/ML 1ML AMPULE 25/BX : C-II

This item requires a Prescription Drug Authorization Form.
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This item requires a Prescription Drug Authorization Form.
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Class II Narcotics

Please note that this item can only be purchased on a DEA Form 222. All information is displayed for informational purposes only. Per Federal Law, all of the items listed on this webpage are prescription drugs and/or devices. Before your account can receive these items, we must have a completed Prescription Drug Authorization (PDA) Form on file signed by your Medical Director. Orders from individuals will not be accepted.

This item falls under the strict guidelines of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). It is classified as a Class II Controlled Substance, and cannot be ordered or shipped without proper authorization from your Medical Director or person properly authorized by power of attorney. EMP requires all current licensing including your state license, DEA license, and location license (if required by you state). Our EMP Prescription Drug Authorization (PDA) Form must also be completed and returned to us prior to shipment. All DEA Class II Controlled Substance orders require a DEA 222 form. Please see details on pages 513-515 in our 2017 catalog or view Narcotic Ordering on our Medication Ordering webpage.